1)      Determine who goes first by flipping a coin.

2)      Alternate turns by throwing from behind the foul line.

a.      Men’s foul line: Back of the board.

b.      Women’s foul line: Front of the board.

c.       If a person, for any reason, cannot throw the required distance then both teams can agree on an appropriate foul line for that individual.

3)      Players on defense must not come in contact with the ball until the ball has hit the board or ground.

4)      If any pins are knocked down then they are to be removed from the board and placed behind the men’s throwing area.

5)      Repeat alternating throws until a team knocks down all of their opponent’s pins.

6)      If the team that threw first knocks down their last pin than their opponent gets an equalizing throw to try and tie the game.

7)      In the event of a tie, each team places one pin on any location on the board. Flip a coin to determine who goes first then alternate throws just like in regulation. Sudden death rules apply so there are no equalizing throws in overtime.


Please reset pins after game completion.