Milwaukee’s first football bowling bar

1st and Bowl is Milwaukee’s best place to have fun, watch a game, eat and experience the newest way to have fun with your friends, Football Bowling!


But What is football bowling?

Besides your new favorite sport? It’s exactly what it sounds like. A combination of football and bowling plus a little bit of drinking (not required).

How Do I play?

Step 1—Get a good grip on your beer to avoid any party fouls.

Step 2—Grab a teammate and find another pair to go up against.

Step 3—Each team stands on the opposite side of the lane with 10 bowling pins on their board.

Step 4—Teams take turns throwing the ball at the opposing team's pins.

Step 5—First team to knock down all 10 pins claims their bragging rights for the night.

Sounds easy, right? We’ll see.